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Zaurac's Space Music Slide Show

Zaurac’s Space Music Slide Show

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See and hear Zaurac’s Space Music Slide Show at Pittsford Community Library on Tuesday evening, July 9. More info here!

Zaurac (as Steve calls himself when performing his musical slide shows) provides refreshing and enjoyable space-age entertainment.

Zaurac’s Space Music Slide Show is suitable for all ages and runs a little less than an hour.

Zaurac plays live musical accompaniment to beautifully designed slide shows of exquisitely selected astro-space imagery.

Enjoy dazzling astrophotos of galactic star clusters accompanied by “Misty” — charming antique moonlight scenes with “Clair de Lune” — great photos of early astronauts and space capsules with “Rocket Man” — and more, with interesting introductions to each song.

Zaurac comes self-contained, with his own keyboard, amplifier, and video projector. All he needs from you is an electrical outlet and a screen or light-colored wall in subdued light.

Scroll down for video samples! Click here to contact Zaurac for a performance.

A moment of moonlight is yours, with charming antique postcards of moonlight scenes accompanied by this favorite musical selection, played by Zaurac.

Rodgers and Hart's "Blue Moon," played by Zaurac, with dreamy fantasies of faraway Florida and California from antique fruit crate labels!