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Free unusual graph paper for your projects or homeschool curriculum

Free unusual graph paper


Download pdfs and print on letter-size paper.


Perspective paper

Imagine a long strip of graph paper laid out on a table extending away from you into the distance!

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Download pdf: cyan, magenta, gold, gray


Planetary System in Perspective

Seen in perspective, five cyan circles surround a central point. The inner circle has nine smaller magenta circles inside it. You decide the scale and draw planets, moons or exoplanets where they belong. For a drawing of the inner part of our solar system, the inner rings could be 0.1 AU apart, and the outer rings 1 AU apart. For the outer part of our solar system, the inner rings could be 1 AU apart, the outer rings 10 AU. For the Jupiter satellite system, the cyan rings could be 100,000 km apart. For other systems, such as moons around another giant planet or an exoplanet system, you decide the scale!

Download pdf


Simple squares

For your convenience, one-centimeter squares in your choice of colors. For the best chance of getting squares that are really 1 cm in your printout, be sure to uncheck any box that says something like "scale to fit" in the print dialog on your computer. Still, variations in printers can make the squares come out just slightly larger or smaller. I measured the squares on some expensive graph paper from the art store and even those were just slightly different from the advertised size! If you're just comparing one thing to another on the same page, such variations don't matter. But if you really want the measurements to be exactly right, use a ruler that you trust!

Download pdf: cyan, magenta, gold, gray