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Apollo 11: Dad was in TV News

Apollo 11: Dad was in TV News


Come and see “Apollo 11: Dad Was In TV News” at Penfield Public Library on Wednesday evening, August 7. Details here!

See lavish press kits from the 1960s, plus a slide show of pictures and video clips from the era when everyone watched space shots on three broadcast TV networks.

During the Mercury and Gemini programs of the early 1960s, my late father, Steve Fentress, was a producer for CBS News. We lived in St. Louis, home of McDonnell Aircraft, manufacturer of the Mercury and Gemini spacecraft. During Apollo, we lived in Los Angeles, home of North American Aviation, manufacturer of the Apollo Command Module, and Dad worked for NBC News in Burbank. In this presentation I show and tell what it was like to grow up as a space cadet in this inspiring and exciting time, with the added benefit of cool manufacturers’ handouts coming home in Dad’s briefcase. Click here to contact me about bringing this talk to your venue!